About Us
Corporation in agency and distribution the components and solutions, focus to the product dreams from our customers and the future products market development.

Main Business

Home Appliance & Machinery
Switches, Signal Lights, Smart Encoder, Coffee Machine PCB, Switch with Timer, Induction Motors, Flow Sensor, Pumps, Valves, Thermal Cutoff, Cables, Wires, Plus, Harness, NTC Thermistors, etc.
Green Energy & Power Electronics Components
AC/DC Capacitors, Generators, Motors, Inverters, Energy Storage Modules, Solar Power Cables with Cable Solution, Plastic Film Capacitors, EMC Cores, Electrolytic Capacitor, CBE, Electronic CB, Routers, Fault Monitor, Charging Station Controller, etc.
Product Catalogue
Sensor, Semiconductor & Battery
TOF SOC, Temperature Sensors, Hall Switches, GNSS Module & Antenna, Pressure Sensors, Inertial Sensors, Standard Detector, Gas Sensors, Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensors, Micro Vibration Sensors, ASIC, Inertial Measurements Units, Battery, etc.
Green Building & Smart City
KNX Transceiver, Glass Pad Switches, Actuator, KNX Touch Pannel, Hotel Management System, Energy Harvesting Switches, Open Door System, KNX TP Cable, Lamp Holder, etc.